Work and Business
How to know about career or business in astrology?

Generally, among the main questions asked by young people to any astrologer, questions related to career or business take precedence. Due to deep interest in subjects related to fate, I have been studying numerous researches collected from various sources over the past 12 to 14 years. Sharing this knowledge with the readers of the website brings great joy to me.

As we know, everyone chooses a career or business not only because it is necessary for their livelihood, but different individuals are capable of living their lives according to their respective needs. However, some people have such extensive needs that they can go beyond the constraints of the country and time. In such cases, we find many people making good or bad efforts in that proportion. But to determine which path and what type of financial prospects a person will have in their life, one can easily perceive such information with the help of astrology after extensive study in this vast subject. Not only can astrology provide knowledge of such subtle things, but it can also indicate whether a particular planet or constellation in the birth chart indicates any kind of occupation or business or indicates any kind of immoral or corrupt behavior. Alternatively, certain possibilities may be limited to a particular period or Mahadasha. Some planetary combinations or constellations indicate more deception and fraud, while some combinations of planets and constellations can show that a person’s income will increase only if they receive a part of the people’s (society’s) income, such as through temples, churches, trusts, or other religious places. Similarly, some people can earn a bit of income by engaging in strenuous work.

The subject of career or business also touches upon the availability of opportunities and resources. In this way, the use of terms like “country and time” becomes necessary in astrology, as no situation in life is free from the confines of cosmic time. In this way, a person’s fate is also influenced by the terms like “country and time” that occur in their life. Natural calamities and changes in leadership or leadership ideologies can also be predicted through astrology.

In this way, around 50% of a person’s private life is governed by their fate, and approximately 50% of country and time circumstances, in which if a person is part of a group, the efforts of that group, and similarly through the combination of other natural changes, can be observed.

While my knowledge on this subject is quite limited, I also have my personal opinion. That is, the lives of many individuals, up to 70% to 90%, are governed by fate, and such people’s Prarabdha (destiny) tends to be more impactful than that of other individuals. In the future, we will make an attempt to study numerous businesses and careers as much as possible and share the findings through this web blog!