Moon Rahu Ketu conjunction

“The Moon is the ruler of the mind, and it is the significator of the fourth house in astrology. The Moon is considered to be associated with water in astrology. It is also linked to a mother’s happiness or the mother herself. The daily income is also understood from the Moon. It is associated with peace of mind and inner tranquility. The Moon is also seen in the form of dreams of the individual. Whatever houses the Moon is placed in the birth chart, the individual’s mind is also present there, and different results arise in different houses.”
Likewise, Rahu exists as a shadowy celestial body, but it’s far from being an ordinary shadow; it’s an immense one. The size of the shadow projected in the birth chart is as big as the portion of the sky we see. The name that reflects this gigantic shadow in the birth chart is Rahu.

When this shadow is with the Moon, the Moon is seen as restless, and it has the ability to create illusions in the mind; this capability belongs to Rahu. Rahu is the significator of illusions, fears, and obstacles. If this conjunction has a negative impact in the birth chart, the person’s five senses and five actions become weakened because the Moon stays in a sign for around two and a half days, and during the same period, Rahu stays close to one and a half years in that sign. Within one and a half years, the Moon and Rahu come into conjunction about eighteen times, and within one and a half days, as many individuals are born as those who are affected by the Moon-Rahu conjunction. If Saturn is in a favorable or good condition, then the Moon-Rahu conjunction also gives good results. The effect of Rahu is considered up to 42 years of age, and Ketu’s influence is considered up to 48 years of age. If we assume the time between them to be 45 years, then the impact of their conjunction can be considered on an individual for approximately 45 years. The Moon-Rahu conjunction gives adverse effects if Mercury is weak or afflicted.”
When astrologers delve into the conjunction of the Moon and Rahu, they occasionally invoke terms such as “earthquake” or “volcanic eruption.”. In other words, whenever any heavy and powerful element has the potential to create imbalance in someone’s life, many people interpret it as the occurrence of an earthquake-like event in that person’s life. The concept of the massive and powerful existence, akin to that of an elephant, is also attributed to Rahu. In this analogy, while your life (represented by the flowing river) has this elephant within it, some astrologers consider it capable of halting the flow of water. In this way, they interpret this conjunction as a phenomenon that creates earthquakes or whirlwinds in the form of powerful entities.

Every planet that sits with another exerts its influence on it; it gets influenced by the lord of the sign it sits in, and it influences the planets it looks at. Likewise, the planets that are observing it are also affected by its influence, and in turn, it affects them with its own influence.”

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